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Glendermott Primary School, Derry

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“Programming Games in Scratch” is a series of handouts that can be used to teach programming and computational thinking. The handouts guide students through the logic and algorithms underlying computer games. They cover many different types of games and different experience levels, so it is easy to customize your lessons to the interests and abilities of different students. All the necessary instructions are included on the handouts themselves, so students can often follow them without guidance from a teacher. As such, teachers do not necessarily need a programming background to use the handouts in classrooms; nevertheless, a programming background is useful for teachers to help students contextualize the lessons, to help students when they encounter difficulties, and to direct students to supplementary material for further learning. The handouts make use of the Scratch programming language from MIT. Scratch is a free programming language that can be used from most PCs without the need to install any software. It is designed to expose programming to students in a friendly environment that encourages creativity and independent learning.