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Glendermott Primary School, Derry

Primary 6

Welcome to Year 6.

 It is also a very important year for Year 6 as they are building on all their knowledge from Year 5 and starting to prepare for transitioning from primary school to grammar/secondary school.

Children will be expected to become more responsible for getting themselves organised for school and take ownership of their learning.


In Year 6 children should know all of their times tables but this doesn't mean that they don't need to practice. We test the children's time tables each week so it is important to always keep practicing.

Most Year 6 pupils are already independent readers but all children benefit greatly from being encouraged to read and discussing books with an adult to help them. At the moment we are reading Danny The Champion of the World by Roald Dahl.

In Year 6 being engaged in the Accelerated Reader Programme is so important. It greatly helps children's comprehension skills. We get Accelerated Reading time everyday and children should be reading their book at home every night.

Due to the need to limit the amount of paper travelling between home and school we have decided that for the foreseeable future homework will focus on Reading, Spelling and learning times tables. You will find some additional resources here to work on at home in your own time. As we get through the year we will start preparations for Transfer Test, work booklets will arrive home in due course. Children will complete and work through tests in class and when the test has been taught children will bring the test home to use for revision purposes. A lot of emphasis in Terms 2 and 3 will focus on independent revision of work carried out in class.

Watch this space to find out what we have been doing in Year 6!


Literacy Classwork

Numeracy Classwork


Music continues with Mr Cutliffe on a Thursday morning. Primary 6 children will continue with tin whistle until an assessment on the 3rd December when Mr Cutliffe will decide on instruments. 

See notes and backing track for whistle assessment. 

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