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Glendermott Primary School, Derry

This Week at Glendermott

16th Mar 2023

Monday 20th March

PE P1 & P2

Ryan McBride Soccer P6 & 7 

Verbal Arts Transition Workshop P7 

P6 Transfer Booster Club 3pm to 4pm

Tuesday 21st March

World Down Syndrome Day

 We'd like to ask everyone to wear brightly coloured odd socks.

Tempest Photography Nursery, P1 and P7 group pictures

Wednesday 22nd March

Verbal Arts Transition Workshop P7

KS 1 & 2 PE GAA with Annette 

Thursday 23rd March 

P7 Swimming

P5-7 Music with Mr Cutliffe


Friday 24th March

P7 Shared Education

P7 GAA Girls Blitz


Breakfast Club continues daily from 8.10am- costing £1

Busy Bees for P1 & P2 daily - costing £1

After Schools Care 3pm- 5.30pm Monday to Thursday 4.30 Friday 

March After Schools Care Booking Form


Play for busy Parents

As a parent or carer, it can sometimes be difficult to make time to play with your children, or to find the energy! When it comes to playing with your child, think quality over quantity. Just five minutes of uninterrupted, quality play together can mean the world to your child and contribute positively to their development and self-esteem.

Quick and easy play ideas

  • Hidden in plain sight
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Decorate some cupcakes or buns
  • Teddy bears' picnic
  • Make a den
  • Play hide and seek
  • Play Shop keepers
  • Play Restaurants
  • Get creative with some wallpaper
  • Dress up and put on a show
  • Santa’s workshop/birthday party wrapping

Tips and tricks for quality play time

  • Reflect on your own play memories
    Introduce your child to games you played when you were younger. If you loved it, chances are they will too!
  • Declutter, donate, rotate
    Too many toys can actually leave a child feeling overwhelmed, reducing their levels of concentration, creativity and imagination. Try rotating toys weekly for better quality play experiences.
  • Child-led play is the best type of play
    Give your children the time, space and permission to play in whatever way they want to, allowing them to make mess, make noise and have FUN!
  • Allow your children to be bored
    Try to avoid pre-planning extra-curricular activities through fear of your child being ‘bored’. Boredom stimulates creativity, imagination and allows opportunities for children to discover their own interests.
  • Open-ended resources
    Children don’t just play with manufactured toys, they love random household objects too. Provide your child with a range of natural, open-ended resources and they are sure not to be bored for long.