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Glendermott Primary School, Derry

Autumn Fun!

20th Oct 2021

This term Primary 7 have been working really hard... but we love taking the time to look around and appreciate the season: Autumn! Our Classroom Selfie Door is looking unrecognisable... See pictures below! :0 SPOOKY!

  • Last week we read the poem, 'Blackberry Picking' by Seamus Heaney. (You can read the poem below.)

We enjoyed discussing all the imagery in the poem, and picking out and exploring Heaney's use of words and description. We thought about how the blackberries look at the beginning of the poem - juicy, shiny, delicious- and how that changes at the end when all Heaney's berries are covered in 'rat-grey fungus'. YUCK!

Some of our Primary 7's noticed some blackberries growing in Glendermott playground! These girls chose to do some blackberry picking of their own. Everyone had a chance to taste them. Some were delicious... some were a bit sour too! We loved showing each other our 'black, blue and purple' tongues!

  • In other news...

Ciaran and Darragh went on a lovely Autumn walk around the grounds and used their senses to write two wonderful acrostic poems. They wrote them first in pencil, editied them, then published them by typing them out and adding decoration! Have a look and a listen! They are amazing. 

  • Finally...

Primary 7 recieved a very special postcard from one of our past pupils, Liam. We were so excited to hear how he was getting on, and what he is getting up to at his new secondary school. We took our time to design a postcard and write back to him. Have a look at our designs!